Eco Car hire for visitors

Picnic compA couple of our Talybont Energy Directors run a separate social enterprise called the Eco Travel Network. Founded in May 2012, the Eco Travel Network has a fleet of two- seater electric Renault Twizys which are hired out for the day or week through its member businesses (holiday cottages, hotels, boat hire operators). The Twizys are nippy and great fun to drive around our hills and lanes and use an incredibly small amount of energy – 12oWh/mile.  If you are local resident or a visitor and would like to hire a Twizy for a day or longer, you can find out how to do so here.

Twizy at HH compA couple of members of the car share scheme use their personal Twizys to reach the Talybont Energy cars (parked at Henderson Hall) and then swap to a larger vehicle which can take them further.

From an energy point of view, our Talybont turbine generates enough electricity to power 400 Twizys – one for every household in the Talybont area!

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