Aims of Talybont Energy

Talybont on Usk Energy is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee. It has 2 principal aims:-

(1) To reduce our community’s energy consumption
– by raising awareness,
– by facilitating energy saving measures, and
– by pioneering alternative ways of doing things.

(2) To convert as much as possible of our community’s energy consumption to renewable sources
– by maintaining the Talybont hydro,
– by introducing further renewable energy sources, and
– by helping community members to convert to renewable energy sources and suppliers.

We seek to do this in ways which are novel, fun and socially beneficial.

Our scope includes the energy involved in:
(i) heating and lighting,
(ii) transport,
(iii) consumables (food and materials),
(iv) activities (functional and leisure) in that order of priority.

We are committed to using the company’s income to further these aims within the Talybont community council area whilst sharing our experiences for the benefit of the wider UK community.

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