Eco Badge Partnership with Llangynidr Cubs

New Eco Badge

New Eco Badge

What started out as a conversation across a garden wall, between friends, looking for some support in completing our Local Knowledge badge, has progressed into a community engagement project which will be catalysed through a co-working partnership between 1st Llangynidr Scout group and Talybont Energy

Local Knowledge Badge


Cubs visiting Talybont turbine

1st Llangynidr Cubs paid a visit to the ECO friendly Henderson hall in Talybont and were given a presentation on some of the halls functions. The Cubs were also given the opportunity to take a ride in “Heulwen” the community’s electric people carrier and “Mr Chippy” which is a car runs off chip fat. After the talk in the village the Cubs were taken to the Talybont turbine and again given a presentation on how the turbine works. Cubs seemed interested and engaged, some even wanting to go in a second time.

After the night exercise tab back to the village Gary Vaughan the Cub Scout Leader arranged to meet with the Talybont Energy directors again to discuss further opportunities for 1st Llangynidr after many discussions and flushed with success after the Local Knowledge badge 1st Llangynidr Cubs and Scouts will benefit from a new staged activity badge which Talybont Energy are fully supporting and sponsoring.

ECO Award Stage 1


Talybont Energy Director Michael Wright helping a cub with the eco quiz

Cubs from Talybont, Llangynidr and the surrounding area kicked off Level one of their Eco Award staged activity on February 6th and what a night it was. The high Sheriff of Powys, got the 2015 programme underway and expressed his passion on the Eco award and played a very interactive part to the evening. He sat and offered support to the Cubs and helped with their Eco quiz, he helped power the mini DIY turbine and played a very energetic game of “unsustainable frisbe”, He gave a very interesting talk of which the Cubs engaged in. Later he said “It was a brilliant night and I enjoyed it enormously”


High Sheriff of Powys learning that hydro schemes can be quite wet!

Modern scouting is about much more than just hiking and camping. 1st Llangynidr in collaboration with Talybont Energy has launched a range of activities to develop the energy awareness of young people.

Introducing our children and Cubs to a sustainable future has to be in my opinion high on anybody’s agenda , and we at 1st Llangynidr have the opportunity to do so with Talybont Energy.

This has been a fantastic Partnering event and has laid a solid foundation between our organisations.

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