Eco Badge – Stage 2

Eco2 BadgeWe’ve been busy working in partnership with Llangynidr Cubs on the 2nd Stage of the Talybont Energy Eco Badge.

This has involved a mix of activities and lessons about energy.


Michael led a project about the energy involved in household laundry. This included a survey which the cubs had to complete of how their household laundry typically gets dried and the relative amounts of electricity required to dry the laundry by different methods.


Akela, cubs & much flour & water glue



Hilary followed this with 2 weeks spent building paper furniture (simple stools in this case) both to show the cubs an ultra low resource way of making useful furniture and to raise funds for the Brecon Molo Community Link which is a Health and Community link between Brecon and a small township called Molo in the Rift valley in Kenya.  The cubs auctioned the stools they had made raising £185 for Molo.


Adding the “air power”

Nick, Peter and Alison then ran an evening focussed on transport energy where everything was converted into Mars Bar energy equivalents (300Wh)! The cubs made cars powered by balloons which they duly raced across the hall floor with varying results. Nick then delighted everyone by traversing the floor seated on 2 old skateboards powered by an electric drill.

After Easter, the cubs will complete the award by visiting a newly installed hydro on a farm in Talybont.




..and they’re off..


transport powered by electric drill


Auctioning the paper stools