Schools Turbine Package

Talybont Energy's KS2 Turbine PresentationAs part of the group’s mission to promote sustainable energy, Talybont Energy has developed a Key Stage 2 educational package for 7-11 year olds based on the Talybont turbine.Linking directly into primary school National Curriculum subjects like Geography, Science and Citizenship, it looks at how the turbine creates electricity and compares renewable energies with fossil fuels.

Schools can use the turbine as an example in their school or Talybont Energy can deliver the presentation to the children (no charge) in a 1 hour lesson that includes activities and worksheets.

Click here to see a summary Lesson Structure and Lesson Plan.

Christ CoillegeTalybont Energy also welcomes groups from local schools who would like to visit the turbine and develop educational packages for their own schools. Christ College Brecon did this recently for their Physics students. The Head of Physics told us that whole project at Talybont ticked a lot of boxes given that renewable energies are now a key feature of the curriculum.

If you would like to find out more about Talybont Energy schools packages and the possibility of a turbine visit, contact us via

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