Water Source Heat Pump Possibilities

Canal through Talybont village

Canal through Talybont village

6 years ago, Talybont Energy commissioned a preliminary investigation into the potential for water source heating from the section of the Mon&Brec canal which runs through our village and has 3 pubs and an elderly residents’ set of houses adjacent to it. At the time, the technical possibilities looked interesting but the licensing complications and costs made such a project impossible for us to pursue.

We’ve often wondered if we should have another look at it and we might do at some point. We have recently noticed that DECC issued a detailed report in March 2015 on water source heating potential across all English rivers, canals and estuaries. It is packed with acronyms and over-generalised calculations but suggests that awareness of water source heating possibilities has moved on in the past 6 years and, hopefully, maybe licensing constraints and costs with it?

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