New community car rental coming soon

In April, Talybont Energy will be relaunching our long running community car club with a new look – opening up the opportunity for occasional rental to a much wider set of people. We currently only have one vehicle – our Kangoo Electric 5 seater car or van (Heulwen) which lives and is charged at Henderson Hall. Rather than continuing to run a car club, we are in the process of joining Karshare – a new company start up in Bristol who encourage car owners to share the use of their own vehicles in return for a small income stream. Ever the pioneers, Talybont is the first rural car club to join the Karshare scheme and the next year will be very much an experiment and learning experience for all of us.

Anyone who joins Karshare (for free) will be able to book and use Heulwen – insured by Karshare – at rates by the hour or day which Talybont Energy is currently negotiating. Talybont Energy is not looking to make a profit simply to cover our running costs for Heulwen. Because any Karshare member anywhere can book a Karshare registered vehicle, there’s an opportunity for Talybont Tourism businesses to promote this for visitors who would like to drive around exploring the area while they are staying here and either haven’t got a car or have parked up their large camper van and would like a different travelling option. In van mode, Heulwen can even carry a number of bikes.

When we experience how this works, some of us might want to add ouir own cars to the scheme for occasional rental to friends and neighbours, say, as a way of cutting the number of vehicles in return for a small, personal rental income stream.

We will publish full details of the new scheme here in due course. The plan is to be ready in April.

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